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Welcome to Skanfriends! We are a German multi-national organisation, specialised in the production of customised camping equipment from Asia.

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Skanfriends is a German multi-national organisation specialising in the production of customised camping equipment from Asia. Skanfriends has access to an enormous range of high end and entry level product lines, ready to be produced and customised to your standards and requirements.

    We can provide anything from the most basic tents or equipment to high tech, low weight hiking tents and gear. All branded and designed to your specifications. The experience, knowledge and buying power available to Skanfriends makes us an unrivalled business partner.

    “Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better.”

    — Albert Einstein
    Product Development

    We strive to find only the best ideas for you to innovate and bring your products to life with creativity and efficiency.

    Import Procedures

    We take care of everything from navigating customs regulations to ensuring smooth transportation, simplifying the import process for you.

    Quality Control

    We ensure every product meets our high expectations by implementing rigorous quality checks and standards throughout the production process.

    Logistic Services

    Get your products right on time with our efficient and reliable logistic solutions tailored to meet your specific needs.

    Customer Services

    We work hand in hand with our customers to provide exceptional support and assistance, ensuring their satisfaction every step of the way.

    Package Design

    Our creative team can do everything for you, from conceptualizing unique designs to delivering eye-catching packaging solutions that enhance your brand image and attract customers.


    Apart from our headquarters in Germany, we also have branches in Denmark and Australia.


    Skanfriends GmbH

    Achtern Dieck 2

    24576 Bad Bramstedt




    Skanfriends ApS

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    6760 Ribe




    Skanfriends Pty Ltd

    PO Box 1510

    Dee Why 2099 NSW